PAN Powers Keffi Polo Tournament

Nigeria’s foremost multi-brand automobile manufacturer and assembler, PAN Nigeria Limited, is partnering with the Keffi Polo Ranch to support the 2020 Keffi Polo Tournament.

The theme for this year’s tournament is centered around education. A statement from the automaker said the company decided to go into this partnership as it believes in education and the noble sport of polo, known for its equestrian mastery and skillful sportsmanship, aligns with its vision and mission "To be leader in the Nigerian Automobile industry driven by superior technology.”

It is expected that the company will unveil the newest vehicle models to be produced in its Kaduna plant at the Keffi Polo Tournament. These include the Higer H5C 16-seater bus, the Higer H6C 19-seater bus, and the Higer Ambulance.

The vehicles, which can be optimally used for mass transit, as school buses, and for ambulance services, started rolling off the company’s assembly lines in Kaduna in December 2019.

In addition to having spacious leg and head room, the buses are equipped with features such as USB charging ports for all passengers/occupants, park-assist, rear camera, and DVD/15’ LCD Display.

Moreover, the Higer Ambulance is fitted with state-of-the-art medical equipment such as suction catheters, stretcher belts and anatomical mattress, silicon resuscitators with mask, pulse oximeter, digital thermometer, 2kg fire extinguisher, automatic loading stretcher, scoop stretcher, AC/DC electronic suction machine, oxygen regulator, among others.

PAN Nigeria is well known for the production of popular vehicle models such as the Peugeot 404, 504 and 505, and in more recent times, the 301 and 508.

Today, PAN Nigeria is a multi-brand manufacturing company, assembling a diversified range of vehicles, ranging from family sedans, SUVs, to utility Pick-ups and Light Commercial Vehicles, including the Higer H5C and H6C buses.