In the last few weeks, there has been spikes in the number of COVID-19 cases as reported by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC). Here at PAN Nigeria Limited, we consciously place the safety, health, and well-being of our distributors, customers, and staff as our top priority.

As such, even as we continue to maintain all our lines of operations, from production to distribution, to sales, we are encouraging everyone in the chain to follow the basic protective measures against the Corona Virus that has been released by health authorities such as the FMoH and the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Some of these protective measures, which many of you already know, include, washing your hands with soap regularly, avoiding handshakes, practicing social distancing, coughing/sneezing into a tissue and binning same immediately; and refraining from touching your eyes, nose, and mouth as much as possible. In the same vein, we wish to assure you all that at PAN Nigeria we are maintaining extremely high standards of hygiene. Hand sanitizers are readily available throughout our premises, and regular cleaning with disinfectant continues as always.

We realise that these are unusual times and that you may have some concerns. That is why I personally want to reassure you that all of us at PAN Nigeria are committed to making sure all your business interactions with us remain safe and conducive for everyone. Should you have any questions or concerns you would like us to address, kindly contact us.

Thank you.

Ms Taiwo Oluleye, FCIS,

Acting Managing Director,
PAN Nigeria Limited